Thompson is China's outstanding creative company focused on the design of import and export brand planning

We are involved in a large number of international brand cases, with the brand and product international experience through outstanding creative strategy and design, to create outstanding brand qualities, of course, it must be unique.
Now China has a huge market potential, will become the battleground of international business strategy, your brand when you know what to do in China, I think Thompson company can do a lot, compared to you, we know more about China .


I think you already know, Thompson is a design company from China. On China's vast land numerous design company, but there are few really good, we do not shout "China's best design company" slogan to promote themselves. Have the unique ability in the creative design, in terms of the actual operation is extremely detail-oriented attitude, as well as import and export operation brand, international brand accumulated a wealth of practical experience is the genuineness of our strengths. If you have the opportunity to brand services, we will spare no effort from the brand planning, product design, import and export sectors, and many other sales channels to provide effective help, I think this is the Chinese can not do other design firms. In recent years, more and more Chinese people pay attention to food safety issues, the growing popularity of imported brands in China, a large number of imported brands into China wants to occupy a place, forming a fierce competition, which is a good thing for the Chinese people, and for imported brands, has now gone into China has a good sales period, which requires companies from product development to localization, sales must comply with all aspects of consumer law Chinese market, will get better sales transcripts. These things, Thompson can be done.

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